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Chirashi Don
Mixed sashimi fish on sushi rice  
Maguro (tuna) Don
Tuna sashimi on sushi rice
Salmon Don
Salmon sashimi on sushi rice
Unagi Don
Cooked eel with unagi sauce on rice

Chilli rice crackers
Sweet chilli flavoured rice crackers
Salted Edamame
Salted Japanese soy beans in Pods
Spicy Edamame
Spicy Japanese soy beans in Pods
Japanese mixed pickled vegetables
Miso soup
soy bean broth with tofu, spring onion, seaweed & fish stock
Chicken Gyoza
4 pcs Pan fried chicken & vegetable dumplings with chilli ponzu sauce on side
Pork Gyoza
4 pcs of pan fried pork & vegetable gyozas served with chilli ponzu sauce on the side
Chicken Yakitori
Home made grilled chicken skewers in yakitori sauce
Age-dashi Tofu
Fried Tofu in light sauce
Grilled Shittake
Japanese mushroom skewers (3) in yakitori sauce
Grilled Asparagus
Grilled with Yakitori sauce
Grilled courgettes
Grilled courgettes with a miso tarigon sauce (3)
Soft Shell Crab Karaage
Fried crab in seasoned flour with ponzu sauce & salad leafs
Tori Karaage
Japanese seasoned fried chicken
extra portion pickled sushi ginger
Japanese rice
A portion of steamed japanese rice
Curry Sauce
Side of curry sauce. (contains peanut oil)
Green Leaf avocado salad
Fresh avocado salad with miso yuzu dressing
Salmon & Avocado salad
Sashimi salad
Fresh fish on mix green salad with dressing
Snow Crab Salad
snow crab mix salad leaves, avocado with a ponzu citrus dressing
Tofu & Seaweed salad
Mix seaweed & Tofu in salad dressing
Tuna & Avocado salad
Tuna & Avocado mix green leafs in olive oil yuzu dressing

Coca Cola Can
Coca Cola Can 330ml
Diet Coke Can
Diet Coke Can 330ml
Sprite Can
Sprite Can 330ml
Strawberry & Kiwi
Jefferies vintage soft drink slightly fizzy 275ml
Elder flower & apple
Jefferies vintage soft drink slightly fizzy 275ml
Cream soda
Jefferies vintage soft drink slightly fizzy 275ml
Still Water Small
Source 330ml Glass
Still Water Large
Souce 750ml Glass
Sparkling Water Small
Souce 330ml Glass
Sparkling Water Large
Souce 750ml Glass



and includes a free drink, 

MONDAY TO THURSDAY 12:00 to 15:00

FRIDAY TO SUNDAY 12:00 to 17:00

Please do not select these items after these hours

Jyo Sushi Lunch
8 pcs chef choice of nigiri, salmon maki (3) & cucumber maki (3) COLLECTION ONLY
Temaki Sushi Lunch
4 peices of Temaki Hand roll. one of each negi tuna, negi salmon, salmon avacado & california COLLECTION ONLY
Rainbow Chirashi Lunch
Diced variety of seafood, tamago on sushi rice, ginger & wasabi on side COLLECTION ONLY
Three Roll Set Lunch
Tuna roll (6), salmon roll (6) & cucumber roll (6) Classic maki rolls with wasabi & ginger COLLECTION ONLY
Katsu Don Lunch
Deep fried breaded pork & egg on a bed of rice, ginger & pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Tonkatsu Lunch
Deep fried breaded pork served with tonkatsu sauce, rice & pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Gyu Don Lunch
Cooked sliced beef with onions on a bed of rice, ginger & pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Mixed Fry Lunch
King Prawn (2) salmon (2) scallops (2) deep fried seafood with rice, tonkatsu sauce & pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Ten Don Lunch
Prawns (2) & vegetable tempura on a bed of rice with sweet sauce & pickles on the side COLLECTION ONLY
Ebi Fry Lunch
Deep fried breaded king prawns (4) served with tonkatsu sauce, rice & pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Sansai Soba Lunch
Soba noodles with wild mountain plants in a hot dashi soup & side pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Sansai Udon Lunch
Udon noodles with wild mountain plants in a hot dashi soup & side pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Curry Udon Lunch
Udon noodles in a curry soup & pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Age-Dashi Deluxe Lunch
Age-Dashi tofu (3) in delicate japanese soup ,cucumber & avacado roll (6), rice & pickles COLLECTION ONLY
Tempura Udon Lunch
Udon noodles in a hot dashi soup with prawns (2) & vegetable tempura & pickles on the side COLLECTION ONLY
Tempura Soba Lunch
Soba nooldes in a hot dashi soup with prawns (2) & vegetable tempura & pickles on the side COLLECTION ONLY

Kobe Set (chicken) E
2pcs Prawn and 3pcs Vegetable tempura, 2pcs Tuna, 2pcs Salmon & 2 pcs White fish sashimi, Grilled Chicken served with mix pickles,Salted Edamame, 
Kobe Set (salmon) E
2pcs Prawn and 3pcs Vegetable tempura, 2pcs Tuna, 2pcs Salmon & 2pcs White fish sashimi, Grilled Salmon served with Mix pickles, Salted Edamame, & Rice.
Tempura Teriyaki Set (chicken) E
2pcs Prawn and 3pcs Vegetable tempura, Chicken teriyaki served Mix pickles, Salted Edamame, & Rice.
Tempura Teriyaki Set (salmon)
2pcs Prawn and 3pcs Vegetable tempura, Salmon teriyaki served with Pickles, Salted Edamame, & Rice
Salmon Crazy
6 pcs Salmon nigiri, 6 pcs Salmon maki roll
Tuna Crazy
6 pcs Tuna nigiri, 6 pcs Tuna maki roll
Sushi Lover
8 peices nigiri set with 6 peices of maki rolls Tuna (2), Salmon (2), Scallop (1), Seabass (1), Prawn (1) & Yellowtail  (1), Cucumber maki roll (3), Salmon maki roll (3)

Kobe Tartare
Freshly prepared mix of white fishes (seabream, hamachi & white tuna), diced & chopped with seasoned soy, oba leaf & ponzu with crispy lotus chips. 90grams
Wagyu Tataki 110g
Seared wagyu with ponzu spring onion & momiji oroshi
Hamachi Truffle (5)
5 Slices of yellow tail sashimi rolled in with oba leaf and mixed herbs topped up with truffle paste & truffle seasoning
Aburi Nigiri Mix
Chef Choice of 4 different seared nigiri with garnish
Kobe new style yellow tail (5)
5 Slices of yellow tail sashimi served with ponzu sauce
New Style Salmon tataki
Seared salmon 5 slices with new style yuzu dressing, spring onions & herb mix
Tako Usuzukuri
Chilled octopus slices (7) served with ponzu sauce, spring onions, herb mix & fresh kizami wasabi
Wagyu Steak 110g
Grilled japanese marbled beef steak with garlic soy red wine reduction
Black Cod Miso
180g Black cod fillet marinated in sweet miso sauce baked in ohba leaf
Rib Eye Steak
200g of grilled rib eye steak with a sweet chili sesame dressing & grilled veggies * Please tell us how well you like your steak, as standard all our steaks will be Medium*

Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken with teriyaki sauce
Salmon Teriyaki
Salmon with teriyaki sauce
Lamb Saikyo-yaki
4 lamb cutlets marinated in sweet miso grilled to prefection
Yuzu Duck Breast
French raised duck breast pan fried, in yuzu red wine teriyaki reduction. Topped with mix herbs
Grilled Mackerel
with rock salt
Grilled Yellow Tail Cheek
Grilled with rock salt & served with Ponzu sauce on the side
Grilled Salmon Cheek
Grilled salmon cheek with rock salt

Deep fried in Traditional Japanese tempura flour, light & crispy with warm deeping sauce

King Prawn Tempura
5 Peices
Mix Tempura
Prawns, vegetables & chefs assortments
Mix Vegetable Tempura
Mushroom Temp
Soft Shell Crab Temp
Sweet potato Temp

3 Kind Sashimi
9 pieces of chef selection 3 types of fish
5 Kind Sashimi
15 pieces of chef selection 5 types of fish
Omakase Sashimi
Best selection from the chef minimum 22 slices
Maguro Sashimi
3 Slices £7.50
5 Slices £10.50
Salmon Sashimi
salmon slices
3 Slices £5.20
5 Slices £8.50
Yellowtail Sashimi
yellowtail (hamachi)
3 Slices £7.50
5 Slices £10.50
Abura bozu Sashimi
white tuna
3 Slices £7.00
5 Slices £10.00
Scallop Sashami
3 Slices £5.50
5 Slices £8.50
Sea Bream Sashami
sea bream
3 Slices £5.20
5 Slices £8.50
Tako Sashimi
Octopus Sashimi
3 Slices £4.80
5 Slices £8.00
Unagi Sashimi
Cooked eel
3 Slices £7.00
5 Slices £10.00
Mackerel Sashimi
mackerel slices
3 Slices £5.20
5 Slices £8.50
Tamago Slices
Savoury egg slices
3 Slices £4.00
5 Slices £6.20

The Ealing Roll (8)
Topped with seared tuna, negi & a hint of garlic. Inside with eel, asparagus, wasabi tobiko, eel sauce and soy
Kobe Roll (8)
Yellowtail, salmon, tuna rolled inside with spring onion, spicy mayo, tobiko & oba leaf.
Special Ebi Ten Roll (8)
Tempura prawn, slamon, avocado, asparagus & mayo rolled inside. salmon & avocado outside
Volcano Roll (6)
Tempura style maki roll with slamon asparagus, tobiko & spicy mayo
Spider Roll Maki (8)
Soft shell crab with spring onion, avocado, asparagus , tobiko, spciy mayo & oba leaf 8pcs
Dragon Roll (8)
Unagi eel outside rolled in with snow crab meat, avocado & unagi eel sauce
Chirashi Roll (6)
Tuna, salmon, yellow tail, white fish, cucumber, daikon,tobiko, mix berbs, & spicy mayo
Rainbow Roll Maki (8)
Mix Variety of fresh fish with avocado & tobiko 8pcs
Deluxe Dragon Roll (8)
More eel, tempura prawns, avocado, asparagus, green tobiko, mayo, unagi sauce, & tempura flakes

Seaweed & rice rolled in will fillings 6 peices in a portion

May contain wasabi inside

Cucumber Maki
6 pcs
Avocado Maki
6 pcs
Soft Shell Crab Roll
Fried soft shell crab, cucumber & mayo inside with sesame 
Kampyo Maki
Dried sweet pumpkin 6 pcs
Salmon Maki
6 pcs
Takuan Maki
Pickled Veg 6pcs
Tuna Maki
6 pcs
Negi Salmon Maki
Spring onion 6pcs
Negi Hamachi Maki
Spring onion 6pcs
Cucumber & Asparagus Maki
6 pcs
Salmon Skin Maki
Deep fried salmon skin inside 6 pcs
Mackerel Maki
with Cucumber & Ginger 6pcs
Spicy Tuna Maki
6 pcs
Spicy Salmon maki
6 pcs
Spicy Abura Maki
spicy white tuna roll 6 pcs
Salmon & Avocado Maki
California Maki
snow crab meat, avocado, mayo 6pcs
Ebi Tempura Maki
prawn, cucumber, mayo 6pcs

Fresh topping pressed onto sushi rice 2 peices in a portion

May contain wasabi inside

Asparagus Nigiri
Eel Nigiri
Eringi Nigiri
Mackerel Nirgiri
Maguro (tuna) Nigiri
Prawn Nigiri
Salmon Nigiri
Scallop Nigiri
Sea Bream Nigiri
Sweet Shrimp Nigiri
Tako Nigiri (octopus)
Tamago Nigiri
White tuna Nigiri
abura bozu
Yellowtail Nigiri

Cone shaped seaweed rolled with sushi rice and fillings. 1 peice in a portion

May contain wasabi

Cucumber Temaki
Avocado Temaki
Kampyo Temaki
Salmon Temaki
Tuna Temaki
Takuan Temaki
Negi Salmon Temaki
spring onion
Negi Hamachi Temaki
spring onion
Cucumber & Asparagus Temaki
Salmon Skin temaki
Deep fried Crispy salmon & skin in hand roll
Mackerel Temaki
Mackerel, cucumber &ginger in a hand roll
Spicy Salmon Temaki
Spicy Tuna Temaki
Spicy abura temaki
white tuna & spicy mayo in a hand roll
Salmon & Avocado Temaki
salmon & avocado
California Roll Temaki
crab meat, avocado, mayo
Ebi Tempura Temaki
prawn, cucumber, mayo